IFTC in Istanbul strengthens cooperation with JETSTREAM

IFTC the Simulator Training Center in Istanbul and JETSTREAM, are sharing their synergies in the global pilot training. IFTC currently has two A320 and two B737NG Level D Full Flight Simulators approved by EASA.


A300 600 Type Rating in JATS Simulator Center by JETSTREAM TRTO

JETSTREAM signs Agreement with JATS in Amman/Jordan for the Simulator Training on A310 300 600, A320 and B737NG.

JATS (Jordan Airline Training and Simulation) is the leading independent airline and customer service training academy in the Middle East. Part of Eastern Group Holdings and located in state of the art facilities at Queen Alia International Airport, Amman

AIRBUS A320 FTD at JETSTREAM training center in Athens

JETSTREAM launches its new, fully functional AIRBUS A320 Flight Training Device, the sole device in Greece.

This high quality FTD, designed to be a representative of the characteristics of the AIRBUS A320, allows JETSTREAM's A320 Type Rating trainees to practice all procedures prior their Full Flight Simulator training.

acquired the A320 FTD from JETSIMS.




ATPL Integrated Course January 2011

JETSTREAM Aviation Academy welcomes the new students for the ATPL Integrated course scheduled for January 2011. The course will be completed in 15 months.

B737NG DGCA approved Type Rating for our new trainees

JETSTREAM welcomes in Athens the new trainees from India for the B737NG Initial Type Rating which will be trained according to the India DGCA requirements.

JETSTREAM attended the EATS 2010 in Istanbul

JETSTREAM has attended the European Airline Training Symposium (EATS) which was held from 09. – 10. November 2010 in Istanbul. The EATS, has been organized by the Halldale Media Group with a great success.


With its presence as an exhibitor, JETSTREAM had networking opportunities which have been used to maximum advantage. JETSTREAM was able to benefit from both the conference and the expert views expressed there, and from the opportunity to network, to build new relationships and to strengthen existing ones.

Ab-Initio Professional Pilots at the Flyer exhibition in London Heathrow

JETSTREAM has attended the Flyer ab-initio exhibition in London Heathrow in November 2010. Many interested young visitors have been informed about how to become Professional Pilots, enrolling for the next year ATPL integrated courses scheduled for January, May and October at JETSTREAM’s Training Center in Athens Greece.

Boeing Projections for Pilots and Maintenance Personnel

The commercial aviation industry will require 466,650 pilots and 596,500 maintenance personnel over the next 20 years to accommodate the strong demand for new and replacement aircraft, according to a crew assessment forecast from Boeing. Airlines will need an average of 23,300 new pilots and 30,000 new maintenance personnel per year from 2010 to 2029.

"When you add up all the numbers, you quickly understand the issues facing this industry," said Roei Ganzarski, chief customer officer, Boeing Training & Flight Services. "Our challenge is adapting our training to engage the future generation of people who will fly and maintain the more than 30,000 airplanes that will be delivered by 2029."

The largest growth in both pilots and maintenance workers will be in the Asia-Pacific region with a requirement for 180,600 and 220,000 respectively. Within Asia, China will experience the greatest need for pilots and maintenance personnel - 70,600 and 96,400 respectively.

North America will need 97,350 pilots and 137,000 maintenance workers; Europe will need 94,800 pilots and 122,000 maintenance personnel; Africa will need 13,200 pilots and 15,000 maintenance personnel; the Middle East will need 32,700 pilots and 44,500 maintenance personnel; Latin America will need 37,000 pilots and 44,000 maintenance personnel; and the CIS will need 11,000 pilots and 14,000 maintenance personnel.

"To accommodate this growing demand, it will be vital to match training with the learning styles of students to come," Ganzarski said. During the recent Asia Pacific Aviation Training Symposium (APATS) in Kuala Lumpur, Ganzarski called for changes to current training methodologies. "As an industry, we need to adapt to the learning styles of tomorrow's technology savvy pilots and mechanics, and ensuring that training is globally accessible, adaptable to individual needs and competency-based."

Authored by Fiona Greenyer


JETSTREAM incorporates Avsoft's Embraer 145 Web Based Training (WBT)

Avsoft is pleased to announce the delivery of the Embraer 145 Web Based Training (WBT) solution to JETSTREAM Aviation Academy (Athens, Greece). As part of the delivery, JETSTREAM Aviation Academy will be using Avsoft’s Learning Management System to effectively manage their growing customer base.


Avsoft’s Embraer 145 Flight Training program suits our requirements perfectly, said Iakovos Andreadis, Deputy Head of Training at JETSTREAM. Avsoft's Web Based Training solution greatly increases the effectiveness of our Embraer 145 Flight Training program.


“We are excited to be involved with another European TRTO” said Kim Halat, Avsoft’s President. “With JETSTREAM’s emphasis on their students needs and their experienced instructor cadre, we look forward to a long and successful relationship.” 


JETSTREAM Aviation Academy and Services is a provider of aviation training, personnel solutions and support services approved by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority. JETSTREAM trains Pilots from ab initio through to Type Rating Training according to Joint Aviation Requirements (JARs) and exclusively now Cabin Crew Members according to European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Regulations.


Avsoft has a long tradition of supplying innovative and cost effective training solutions to aviation training centers throughout.



ΕΜΒ 145 Initial Type Rating for K2 Smart Jets

JETSTREAM as the exclusive training provider of K2 Smart Jets performs the Initial Type Rating on EMB-145 Legacy of the company's flight crews.

Cessna Citation Initial Type Rating for Life Line Aviation

Life Line Aviation signs contract with JETSTREAM Aviation Academy for the Initial Type Rating on C500/550 Cessna Citation aircraft for their flight crews and for exclusivity of the company's training courses.

ΕΜΒ 145 Initial Type Rating for Hellenic Air Force

JETSTREAM Aviation Academy participating at an international bid, gains the contract for Initial Type Rating EMB-145, for the flight crew of Hellenic Air Force, governmental aircraft.

TRE Training of AEGEAN Airlines by JETSTREAM Aviation Academy

JETSTREAM Aviation Academy, approved by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, performs the theoretical and practical - FNPT - Training for 10 Captains of Aegean Airlines in order to get their Type Rating Examiner Authorisation.

FNPT II MCC for Multi Engine, Instrument Rating and MCC training in JETSTREAM

After the successful completion of QTG's, Hellenic CAA, qualified the FNPT II with JAR/EASA certification according to JAR FSTD A for Single Engine Piston training (GR-3A-04), Multi Engine Piston training (GR-3A-05) and for Multi Engine, Instrument Rating and MCC training (GR-3A-06).

English Language Proficiency Testing for AEGEAN Airlines flight crews

JETSTREAM Aviation Academy as Approved Testing Center by the Hellenic CAA for ICAO/JAA English Language Proficiency signs a contract with Aegean Airlines for the Testing of their Flight Crews.

FNPT II MCC Installation at JETSTREAM Training Center

After the delivery of the FNPT equipment a group of technicians certified by "Elite Simulation Solutions" has started the installation at JETSTREAM's main base at the Athens International Airport.

Pilot Assessment - GAPF


JETSTREAM  Aviation Academy and GAPF ( Society of Applied Psychological Research, Germany ) have agreed to cooperate in terms of pilot assessment services to Airlines. GAPF a company being active on the market for many years, is specialised on selection processes including, zero  hours Ab Initio Pilot training candidates for Airlines, upgrading assessments for F/O’s and Captain’s.

The selection concept is based on psychological research and empirical studies, conducted in cooperation with well known aviation enterprises. According to these experiences, you have a chance of 95% to be successful in your training, in case, you pass the assessment.  
More detailed information about the services offered can be received upon contact

Greece's main FTO orders ELITE SIMULATOR

The first FNPT II MCC simulator to be sold in Athens Greece by Elite Simulation Solutions will go to the JETSTREAM Aviation Academy, the largest Flight Training Organisation in that country and one of the largest in South East Europe.

The Elite Evolution S923 FNPT II MCC will be configured to represent the Beech King Air B200 twin turboprop but can quickly be converted to represent the Piper Seneca III twin piston aircraft or the single engine Cessna C172RG.

It is scheduled for installation at JETSTREAM's center in Athens International Airport, December 2009 and will be operational with JAA/EASA qualifications 15 January 2010.

A special feature of the system will be ultra high visual display of Athens International Airport. Custom built, working with 60cm aerial photography, this imagery will include all buildings at the airport and even surrounding trees.

Despite its clever detailing and accuracy, Elite has been able to supply this add-on at a competitive price – which clearly appealed to JETSTREAM , which was set up by a group of airline commanders and aviation managers looking to offer new levels of professional training for pilots wanting recreational flying right up to those wanting to fly for airlines.

JETSTREAM  offers ATPL integrated-CPL modular courses and Type Ratings across the Airbus range,  A320/A330/A340/A310, the Boeing 737 CL/NG, the ATR 42/72, the Embraer 145, the larger Cessna ranges and the Piper Cheyenne PA 31/42.

JETSTREAM’s Flight Department Training Director, Dimitris Perdikaris, said: “After months of thorough market research and assessment of the technical specifications of flight simulator devices, the management of our company reached the decision to go for the Elite S923 FNPT II MCC, which fulfills all of our requirements.

“It is a cost effective and versatile training device that offers high quality and reliability, with state-of- the-art aviation equipment able to provide excellent services. Also Elite’s professionalism, support and their very quick response to our inquiry was marked by the precision for which the Swiss are reknowned.”

Elite’s Sales Director, ReneĢ Huddlestone, said: “We are very pleased to secure our first FNPTII MCC sale in Athens Greece, particularly to such a professional FTO as JETSTREAM . We are convinced that the S923 will add greatly to their training capabilities and that their students will make rapid, positive progress through using the device.”

Olympic Airlines pilot Training

Training of 72 OA pilots for Differences CL to NG plus Command Upgrade and TRI in B 737 800.

Training of 22 OA pilots for Command Upgrade and TRI in Airbus A340.

A320 Flight Crew Training for HELLAS JET

Recruitment of 2 crews as Captains and 2 crews as First Officers for the Airbus A320 by Greek Airline HELLAS JET after Initial Type Rating training in JETSTREAM Aviation Academy.