Additional Information

Type Rating Instructor Course

The privileges of the holder of a TRI rating are being able to instruct license holders for the training of a multi pilot aircraft type rating and also provide the instructions required for multi crew cooperation.


  • Completed at least 1500 hours flight time as a pilot of a multi pilot aircraft
  • Completed within the 12 months preceding the application at least 30 route sectors, including take offs and landings as pilot in command or co pilot on the applicable aircraft type he/she will instruct, of which not more than 15 sectors may be completed in a flight simulator.

Course Description


Theoretical Training

  • Teaching and Learning 25 hrs

Simulator Training per trainee

  • FFS use - Familiarisation with FFS 3 hrs
  • FFS TRI Training 3 hrs
  • FFS Supervised Training 4 hrs

For further information please complete and submit the Training Request Form.