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Airline First Officer Course

JETSTREAM offers the ATPL Integrated with Airbus A320 Type Rating program, including the MCC and a JET Orientation Training. ATPL is a continuous and comprehensive training program for future airline pilots that is offered to applicants without needing any previous flying experience. This program is specifically designed to provide an immediate advantage to those who enter the aviation industry, because it can sustain a consistent quality, even though it is quicker. From the basics of single and multi-engine flying to the Airline Jet, Airbus A320 Type Rating you will be trained by active captains/instructors of our collaborating airline companies. The Theoretical and Flight training hours offered in our course by far exceed the minimum hours required by EASA.


  • Valid Aviation Medical Certificate Class 1
  • Undergo the basic Pilot Aptitude Assessment, the EPST Compass Test


Theoretical Training is conducted in JETSTREAM’s Training Centres located at the Athens International Airport or in Dubai - Silicon Oasis.
Flight Training is performed in Diamond DA40, Diamond DA42 or Seneca III aircraft. The Flight Training takes place in Greece.
Simulator Training is performed in our FNPT II approved for Instrument Rating, MCC and JET orientation training, located in JETSTREAM’s Training Centre in Athens.
A320 Full Flight Simulator Training is performed in one of our cooperative centers  in CAE Emirates Dubai - Lufthansa Frankfurt - IFTC Istanbul - CAE Brussels - ETC Cairo



The theoretical an flight traininng are alternating in effective training format. With the exception of the first eight weeks of the course where only classroom tuition takes places, the continuous weekly rotation between ground and flight training -including simulator sessions- ensures the smooth transition from theory to flight. Once the training is completed the applicant will have by far met EASA requirements of the ATPL(A) including the Type Rating Airbus A320.


The theoretical training is performed in the initial nine months in our training center in Dubai. After the completion of the theoretical the training, trainees continue in Greece for their flight training for a six months period

After completed the Airbus A320 flight simulator, trainees are granted the ATPL license with A320 endorsement by EASA.


Our aircraft fleet :
  • Diamond Aircraft DA40
  • Diamond Aircraft DA42
  • Tecnam P2006T


After the completion of the Airbus A320 Type Rating, 6 take-offs and landings will be scheduled with partner Airline.


Aviation English Training, if required, can be scheduled after assessment of your written and verbal skills.


A training contract will be signed prior starting the course between the trainee and JETSTREAM. Once signed Prices and Training program will remain fixed throughout the course.


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Course Prerequisites
  • Fluent in English
  • Have a high school grade
  • More than 18 years old
  • Excellent health, good vision
Course Info
Min number of persons: 6
Max number of persons: 12
Duration: 14 months
Language: English
Date: 23/1/2023 - 24/3/2024
Course Start Dates

    • 23/01/2023
    • 08/05/2023
    • 25/09/2023
    In Dubai
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