JETSTREAM Aviation Academy is awarded full ATO Approval by the General Civil Aviation Authority of the United Arab Emirates

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JETSTREAM Aviation Academy, following an extensive audit in both its Dubai and Athens training centers, has received certification from the United Arab Emirates General Civil Aviation Authority (UAE GCAA ATO 20/2013) as an Approved Training Organization (ATO).  This initial certification contains approvals for ATPL (A) Integrated and CPL (H) Modular Ab-Initio courses, Initial Type Rating training for the Airbus A320 and Boeing B737 300-900, as well as Type Rating Instructor training.

The audit of JETSTREAM Aviation Academy was extremely successful and all requirements outlined in the current GCAA Car Part IV – Special Operations regulations as well as the detailed GCAA CAAP 33 were met.  In addition, as JETSTREAM Aviation Academy is an EASA approved ATO, the audit noted that JETSTREAM would be in a unique position to meet the new GCAA Part FCL regulations that are soon to be released, as a number of new requirements are being introduced that JETSTREAM already has in place.  Furthermore, it was highlighted by the GCAA audit team, that “the personnel at JETSTREAM are very well trained and have extensive industry knowledge and experience”, which is a testament to the time and effort spent by JETSTREAM to build a world class management and operational team.

JETSTREAM Aviation Academy was first approved in 2008 as a JAA FTO/TRTO and is now an EASA approved ATO supplying third-party pilot training to a number of airlines across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. It is one of the few combined Flight (for ATPL) and Type Rating Organizations for A320/A330/A340/A300, B737, ATR, Q400 and EMB145.  JETSTREAM Aviation Academy, in its two training centers located in Athens International Airport in Greece and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, offers a variety of aviation training courses that meet the needs of future or existing flight and cabin crew members

“The multiple certifications for both our training centers in Dubai and Athens, allow us to serve our customers close to where they operate,” said Captain John Diskos, CEO of JETSTREAM Aviation Academy.  “We expect this platform to be very successful and be a great contributor to the training requirements of aircraft operators cadets and individual pilots.”