Italy’s Presidential Flight Crew complete A340 training at JETSTREAM ΑΤΟ

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JETSTREAM Aviation Academy ATO

Athens, Greece – Dubai, UAE


Acting on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Defence the Italian flag carrier ALITALIA has chosen JETSTREAM Aviation Academy ATO to train 36 pilots on the Airbus A340 500. The aircraft does not carry the typical military registration but a rather appropriate civilian “I-TALY.

The selected military pilots, who already have considerable experience in civil aviation, are destined to fly the newly acquired aircraft that will be used as VVIP transport for Presidential, Governmental and Papal flights. The pilots will complete the Airbus CCQ training course from A320 to A340.

The training will be delivered to groups of 6 pilots at JETSTREAM ATO training centers until the end of 2017, and includes extensive A340 full flight simulator sessions delivered by experienced JETSTREAM instructors. This training includes long range and polar route operations. The Base Training for the first group was carried out at Rome Fiumicino airport.

Additionally, 42 cabin crew members have started in JETSTREAM ATO, their comprehensive training in every aspect of the operation of the A340 VVIP aircraft, including all emergency and safety procedures.

“JETSTREAM Aviation Academy delivers training focused on Airlines, pilots, cabin crew and aircraft engineers. We are delighted that we are welcoming further partner airlines to our ATOs. The inclusive care which we offer to our clients allows us to meet their specific demands while ensuring a smooth flow of the training” comments John Diskos, CEO at JETSTREAM Aviation Academy.